Samen op weg naar een kansrijke toekomst

Extra curricular activities

Korein Kinderplein: childcare
  • daycare (age 0-4)
  • playgroups (age 2-3)
  • after school care (age 4-12)

Hemelrijken 310
5612 WS Eindhoven
(040) 243 04 62

Hours of operation
Monday to Friday from 07.30 - 18.30 hours.

Play walk-in

On a large number of offices in Eindhoven, we offer a free play for walk-in. One morning in the week children from 0 years come along with their parents to play and learn with other children from the district. This is accompanied by a teaching assistant of Korein kinderplein. During the play walk-in there is extra attention for language development and social skills. The play stops as children reach the age when they walk in to a toddler group. You can then choose another product of Korein kinderplein, for example toddler work or day care. Participation is absolutely free.


On child Center Fellenoord is every Wednesday afternoon offered vocabulary.

What is vocabulary?
This is a language program for infants and toddlers who have not yet mastered the Dutch language.
This program is on a low-threshold and playful way given by 6 professional teachers.
We work with the same themes as the child Center. There is no cost attached to it.
Are you interested in vocabulary then you can pass this on to Carola Sistermanns of Korein
and at Marjo Weekers and Lynn van Gompel, teachers of Group 1-2a/1-2b.

13.00 pm to 14.00 hours toddlers (3 to 4 years)
14.45 h till 15.45 hours preschool (4 to 5 years)

Extra Dutch reading instruction for children

We offer Dutch reading instruction for non-Dutch speaking children on Monday afternoon and Thursday afternoon after school. This for children of group 3 and 4.

English lesson for preschool children

We offer English lessons on Wednesday morning for children who have already received education in 
English from the country of origin. This group of children want to maintain the English language because there is a chance that they will move to another country in the future. 

Dutch lessons for adults provided by the Summa College

We offer Dutch lessons on Monday and Tuesday in the morning for foreign-language adults.

After school activities

Mr. Rick serves on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school activities. Childeren come into contact with different topics in a playful way: cooking, dance, theatre, music, sports, crafts etc.